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A Win Win! Ahmanson Ranch Park

It will cost Washington Mutual hundreds of millions up front to do the massive grading of this hilly property and put in all the infrastructure. Washington Mutual had before tax profits of almost three billion dollars, and the profit, if any, that WaMu stands to make from this development would be a very small fraction of a quarter's profit. WaMu could sell Ahmanson Ranch as a park and make a profit rather than altering this valuable natural resource.

This development project continues to be a money pit for them and a public relations disaster. Why not make this a win win? WaMu should instead sell Ahmanson Ranch as a park. WaMu can't buy that kind of publicity.

Ahmanson Ranch qualifies for several sources of parkland funds:

1. Ahmanson Ranch qualifies for Prop 12 and Prop 13, both billion dollar state park bonds passed in 2000.

2. WaMu qualifies for the State tax credit in current state budget which allows $100 million in state tax credits. These state tax credits are for parkland donations by rich land owners needing state tax credits.

3. A corner of the Ranch is in the park boundaries of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA). All the Las Virgenes watershed area including Las Virgenes Creek and its tributaries are in the Santa Monica Mountains zone. Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) monies, which amount to $900 million a year, come in to the federal government from oil company mitigation money. The LWCF is available to purchase park lands nation wide, and can be used to purchase Ahmanson Ranch at fair market value after a minor boundary change to include the whole ranch in the SMMNRA boundary.

4. Private foundation money can be obtained from a foundations such as the Nature Conservancy. Caroline L. Ahmanson was a long time board member of the Nature Conservancy, and the Ahmanson family were big supporters of the Nature Conservancy.

5. Federal FEMA monies can be used since the ranch has a high hazard history of geological instability and frequent fires with a large majority of the property containing flood plains.

6. Ahmanson Ranch also qualifies under the Federal Antiquities Act because the historical 1700's De Anza expedition hiked through it. Also, Gone with the Wind and other many other films were filed there. Filming continues on the ranch as it is one of the only wilderness areas to left in the greater Los Angeles area. LA is losing film business to Canada and other locations. Preservation of the ranch is necessary for Los Angeles' and Ventura County's film industries.