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Save Open Space, Santa Monica Mountains is a nonprofit 501c4 organization that concentrates on maintaining open space, protecting wildlife, and preserving natural resources. SOS protects open space by holding the permit and planning agencies to existing planning laws. We believe that if existing planning laws are upheld, there will be less destruction of the environment. The primary geographical focus of SOS is the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area and its zone.

The specific purposes for which this organization is organized include:

  • Educating area residents and local, state, and federal elected officials on the value of preserving OPEN SPACE.
  • Informing area residents and necessary officials about development proposals that exceed current zoning and general plan requirements and guidelines.
  • Setting up tax deductible accounts for litigation against developments which violate planning laws.
  • Making elected officials accountable for upholding general plans and zoning ordinances.

Endorsing those candidates or elected officials who support the goals of this organization and informing the public of the reason for such political endorsements.



Save Open Space (SOS) stopped a developer's highway to Jordan Ranch through Cheseboro Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA).

SOS directly blocked the development of 2300 acre Jordan Ranch (Palo Comado Canyon). The Jordan Ranch was then purchased as permanent national parkland saving thousands of oak trees and a critical watershed in SMMNRA.

SOS filed a legal challenge against the Liberty Canyon (Old Oren) development. As a result of the challenge, most of the Liberty Canyon property in Agoura was purchased as permanent parkland by a park agency.

SOS stopped the Micor urban project that was three times the density allowed by the General Plan. The project was proposed to be built in a sensitive hillside area. Most of this Micor property, including 400 oak trees and a wetland, is now permanently safe. It is parkland.

SOS was involved with hearings on a Westlake Village development project, Westlake Vista. The developer proposed a swap in exchange for preserving an undevelopable Calabasas property the developer would be allowed to build Westlake Vista. The Westlake Village City Council listened to the public hearing comments and rezoned the property as "open space". Open Space is the most protective and restrictive zoning category available to the Council.

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